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Enter custom logo in all reports



I will enter our company logo in all reports.

I habe tried to make a custom report and this works very well, but I will not change every report.

The general header.php is encrypted :frowning:

How can I enter a logo with minimal effort?


Hello Wilhelm,

Thanks for your posting. I would recommend adding the company logo as part of the description which supports rich-text and embedding images. This looks as follows:

.. ![]( ..

You can learn more about the rich-text formatting options here:

Would this work for you?



Please can you explain in which description field I should I place the line with the image?
Can I change all reports with one description change?

Result should be … look at …


Hello Wilhelm,

The Description field can be found on the form when you create a test plan (below the Name field). You can use rich-text in the description and you can embed images as follows:

.. ![]( ..

While you would need to add the description to every report you create, this would be one-time task for recurring reports (since they are configured only once and are then created automatically). It’s currently not supported to add the logos directly to the report templates/headers.