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Enhancement to Plan Reporting Request


We are utilizing TestRail in a regulated environment. Since TestRail does not support this “out-of-box” we have had to implement some manual steps to achieve compliance. Part of this is running reports to display a customized “Requirement” field we have added. For each run I will build a report that displays Case ID, ID, Title, AGM Requirement (our custom field), Type, Version, Milestone. However, it is important for us to tie the plan back to the suite and run. Would it be possible to add some columns into the Plan Summary Report. It would be great if we could add the Run and Suite to this report to tie all information regarding the plan together.



Thanks for your posting. We would usually recommend using the built-in References field for this which was specifically added to track and link test cases to requirements/user stories or features (in external tools):

Using the built-in References field has a few advantages over using a custom field. For example, you can use the various Reference-based reports for this on the Reports tab:

(this shows the test cases, results and found defects per reference/requirement)

Regarding the Plan Summary report: the report already displays the name of the test run above the test tables and a summary of runs at the top of the report. Or do you want to display this information as part of the test tables directly?