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Enhancement: save test case and stay in Edit mode


Could we have the ability to save a test case and have TR stay in Edit mode?

If you hit Save (just to ensure you don’t lose work), then TR switches out of Edit mode, and you need to select Edit again to keep working

I find when working on test cases it just gets annoying to have to keep switching back to Edit mode when you hit Save.

Even better perhaps would just be to have a continuous auto-save (as Google Docs does…)


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Thanks for your feedback, @geoffg! That’s currently not supported but we are happy to look into this and I agree that this would be useful to have. We already have something similar when editing UI Scripts on Administration > Customizations and this would also be useful for cases or other objects.


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Hi Tobias,

This definitely would be useful.

Count my vote for this!


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Thanks for your feedback, Junaid!



I’m a new user and the lack of this feature is driving me crazy. Count me in for wanting this feature as well.


Hi, please add my vote for this


Hi Beth,

Your vote has been added to this feature as well.