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Enhancement: Retain Checkbox state on page refresh


When a page with selected checkbox(s) is refreshed (like selecting test cases for group edits), the checkboxes are cleared on page re-paint.
It sounds like a finnicky request, but it would be helpful with page navigation if the checkbox values were retained. I find myself often looking at a multi-column list of test cases to get the high-level view, where I’m selecting the checkboxes of ones I’m interested in. Sometimes I need more details on a specific one to determine if I want to select it as well. But clicking the link or switching between 3-page view 2-page view will erase your selected boxes. Sometimes you need plain human eyes to select things (versus creating some kind of fuzzy logic super-Filter), but it is painful when you have many selected with no pattern and they get cleared.


Hi Liam,

Thanks for your feedback! For the three-pane view, the tables are only refreshed if you use a different column layout but this is often the case. Happy to look into your suggestion of keeping the checkbox state and I added this to our feature request list, thanks again.

Have a good weekend!