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Enhancement Request - unassigned view


I would like to put in an enhancement request to be able to see a list of test plans/run/test cases within test runs that are as yet unassigned. I frequently create an outline for testing without necessarily knowing exactly who’s going to do the work, so I leave the items unassigned.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way for me to review the list of unassigned work items later on to be sure the work is all parceled out.:confused:

Finding unassigned tests in a Project's Milestones

Hello Jan,

Thanks for your posting. You can see the unassigned tests for a test run by clicking on the Assigned To column (this will group/sort the tables by the Assigned To property):

There is currently no easy way to see the unassigned tests for an entire test plan or per test case but it would be possible to implement this via a custom report (I’ve also added this to our feature request list):

We are happy to help in case you have any questions, of course.




Thank you for the prompt reponse.

I tried exporting to Excel for a milestone, and that’s going to be very helpful for my purposes.


It would be nice to be able to be able to get the list of unassigned tests at the project level as well. But for now, exporting by milestone should work nicely.

Thanks again!


Hello Jan,

Thanks for the update. Yes, creating an export also works, good idea. :slight_smile: Just let me know in case you have any further questions or feedback.



One of our staff members just asked for this feature today, so please +1 to this request from us :slight_smile:

In the meantime we have created an SQL query to get this information for us.


We recommend using the (reworked) Todo tab for this and this now also displays the number of unassigned tests:



Did this link get moved? It brings me to a “create a page” page. I wanted to follow it so I can see how to do custom reports myself :slight_smile:



Here’s the updated link:


Hi Jim,

The link no longer applies to current versions of TestRail and TestRail 3.0 and later now have a completely redesigned reporting feature (which also supports custom report templates):

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

Question; are custom reports only available for OnPrem instances of TestRail? I was looking at the links and it indicated that you now use plugins and install them in certain directories; but with a Cloud based install we don’t have access to the actual server where TestRail is running.

So how do we go about creating custom reports for Cloud, if possible.


Hello Jim,

The built-in statistics and charts on the various pages in TestRail but especially the reports on the Reports tab are very flexible and already cover a lot of use cases. Implementing custom reports is not usually needed and very few customers use this feature. Custom reports are currently not supported on the TestRail Hosted platform and would require a self-hosted installation.



Hi Tobias,

it is very nice to see the number of unassigned tests in the Todo Tab, but this information is totally useless for me as long as I cannot select resp. open them for further handling. I understand that only assigned tests (and test runs) are shown on the todo page. Unassigned tests can only be included in the chart on top of the page.

From another posting:

Now my specific problem:

For example, I have a project with 40 test runs in one test plan (created using configurations). Some test runs are assigned, most of them aren’t yet. I can see on the Todo-Page that there are 341 test cases currently unassigned. So far so good.

The only way to find the unassigned tests (and test runs), is to open each one of the test runs manually and check individually if the tests are assigned or not (with each one of my 40 test runs…!!!). I cannot see this information in the test plan overview, because there are no columns to be configured…

So: I have no way to only display unassigned tests on any screen, correct?

If you do not want to make the todo-page customizable, please implement the possibility to see the assignments from the within the test plan page (e.g. by group resp. sort or filter for assignments). That would be a huge time saver (and hassle for that matter).
Just like one can see the assignments within the test runs or include simply the unassigned tests into the todos (because, they have to be done after anyway)…

Thanks and best regards,


Hi Frank,

Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated. This definitely makes sense and we will make sure to review this. If you use the assignee field on the test run level (as opposed to assigning the tests inside the runs manually), you would already see all assignees on the test plan form when you edit a run. Would this work for you?



No this will not work. This is the same way you answered me for the same question. To do this a user has to open EVERY TEST RUN, the very thing we are trying to avoid since there are a large number of them.



Hi Paul,

Thanks for your feedback. One feature that’s often missed is that you can assign test runs in plans and this can can be done very efficiently on the test plan form:

Upon setting the assignee (and saving the form), this would assign all yet-unassigned tests in a run. Combined with the unassigned overview on the Todo pages, this is an efficient way to distribute unassigned tests across your team.



First, your solution does not apply to the problem at hand. The requirement is to identify the Tests that are in a Run (and then maybe also a Plan) that are not assigned. :confused:

Second, your technique ONLY works at the initial creation of the Plan. This is something I pointed out in my original thread on this.

Once the Plan is created a user can go back and edit the assignments AT THE Plan Level all they want but they will have NO effect. The assignments will stay the same as at Plan creation time. :disappointed:

Once a Plan is created the only way to change assignments is to open the actual Run. And that puts us back at the initial issue of this question.

(I think this behavior is a bug in TR. If I cannot change assignments thru the edit of the Plan it should not allow me to. If these settings, after Plan creation, will only affect new tests cases that are added to the Plan some time later than that should be outlined in the GUI. This last point is what I believe I was told was the use of these settings AFTER a Plan is created.)

My current work-around, if none of the Tests have been executed yet, is to re-run the Plan and set the assignments then which is at creation time of the new Plan. Then I delete the old one. :disappointed:

Lastly there are other cases where I need to find unassigned test cases and not blindly set their assignment.

One example I have right now is somewhere in my two open Milestones with a total of 36 Runs, and ~2000 Tests are 10 Tests that have been marked Passed but are unassigned.

I need to find those and assign them to the actual person who ran them. Neither thru Plan edit or Reports or Todo can I ID what those 10 Tests are.:weary:

(I know they are in a Passed state from the TODO page when I filter on only Passed do the Unassigned show up.)

My TR version: TestRail v5.1.0.3413


Thanks, Paul. We will think about ways to make it easier to assign or re-assign tests. The most flexible option now is to do this directly on the test run page but I understand that this isn’t ideal if you want to update the assignments for dozens of runs. In case you haven’t seen this feature, the “Assign all in filter” option will assign all tests with a single action without the need to select tests manually and this makes it much easier to assign entire runs or subsets of tests.



This is not about assigning or re-assigning tests.

Come on this is simple:

How does one find unassigned Tests that are in a Run WITHOUT HAVING TO MANUALLY open EVERY RUN!?

I can run a report and filter on most every thing EXCEPT Tests that are not assigned!

Almost every reply in this thread and my own seem to not address this except to say ‘Go open every Run’

Example is the last reply:

The most flexible option now is to do this directly on the test run page…

Well yea, this is the only option. But of course one cannot open the Test Run page if one does not know what Test Run to open.

I know I am starting to be flippant but this issue is over 2 years old and still not addressed or acknowledged directly by Gurock. It is simple to fix as you already have the code to find them since TR can show them on the TODO page. Now you just need to list them.


Hi Paul,

Showing all unassigned tests on a single page would not really scale well so we decided to do this on a per-run basis instead. Clicking on a test run on the Todo page would open it grouped by the Assigned To field which would also show all unassigned tests in the Unassigned group. You can also look into the Results > Property Distribution report from the Reports tab (grouped by the Assigned To attribute) as an alternative and this would show all unassigned tests in a single report.

I hope this helps!



phawkins is right. You do not offer a real solution!

The problem is: one can only click on a test run that contains at least one assigned test. If you have test runs that are not assigned at all the are NOT LISTED and therefore not clickable on the Todo page.

As I said before: my Todo-Page tells me, that there are 297 unassigned tests (thanks to the checkbox “Show unassigned tests in chart”) - BUT WHERE DO I FIND THEM?
I have to got to the test runs tab, open each test plan and then open each test run manually and check for myself. I have 8 test plans with 20-30 test runs in each plan.
This takes me the whole day! Since you are able to gather this information (see the “297 unassigned” bar in the chart) why the heck can’t I open them from there?

And don’t tell me now, that it is more flexible to open the test run page. This is not flexible, this is inconvenient and tedious. And the detour of first creating a report to show unassigned tests and then open the test runs manually can not be your serious suggestion.

You say you do not list unassigned tests because they don’t scale well. How about grouping them by test runs - like one can do for assigned tests? When showing a very long list of already assigned tests (only) you wanna tell me that they scale better? And anyway. Leave it with me, I can perfectly live with a badly scaled list as long as I can select and assign them ALL from this page (AGAIN: and NOT got to the test run page!!!).