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Enhancement Request: Sort Assignee by name in the Push Dialog


On the defect Push dialog in the run results, please sort the Assignee field by user name (as displayed in the select list) instead of by email address.

We are using the integration option to push bugs from TestRail to Jira. Overall, it’s working great, but we’ve run into a usability issue for some of our teams. When they try to set the Assignee field, the list is sorted by email address even though it displays the Jira username making it hard to find the user. Many of our organization have over 100 users and we have over 7,000 Jira users, so this list is frequently quite long. Here is an example.
You can see how Becky Zhang is at the bottom of the list since her email starts with Zhang. If the user types/scrolls to the “Becky” section of the list, they won’t see the Becky in the “z” section of the list (if the list has more than 20 users).
Becky Johnson (
Jane Doe (
John Doe (
Becky Zhang (


Hi Bridy,

Thanks for the post and feedback! I will add your feedback to our improvements request for the Jira integration, as the user list can understandably be difficult to navigate with hundreds or thousands of users.

In the meantime, with TestRail Server, you may also be able to modify the defect plugin to change the sorting of the list of users.