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Enhancement request: Display dropdown values in Push Defect fields in alphanumeric order


In our integration with JIRA we have some dropdown fields that have a lot of values (several dozen). Currently it’s hard to find the right one because they are displayed the way JIRA returns them. Would it be possible to display those in alphanumeric order?


Hello Don,

Thanks for your posting! The dropdown values are currently not sorted automatically by their name/label. We don’t do this because JIRA might present them in a different order in JIRA itself depending on the (custom) field and we currently display the values in the order as returned by JIRA. I agree that making this more flexible would be great to have and I’m happy to add this to our feature request list (e.g., a boolean sorted attribute per field in the configuration settings).

If you know the name of the value you want to select, you can also use just type the value if the drodown is currently active and your browser should also select the correct value for you.



Thank you, the sorted attribute is an excellent idea.

Unfortunately, the typing of the value is difficult because we have so many products and so many versions of each product in a single dropdown (personally, I think they organized this dropdown poorly), and they’re not grouped together, so it’s difficult to find the one particular item you’re looking for.

But, the sorted attribute would work. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Don.

We will make sure to look into this for a future version, thanks again for bringing this up! :slight_smile: