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Enhancement: Reports Tab



I think it would be most useful for QA managers to have a report TAB so they can utilize the SQL/MYSQL database to their own use.
what is missing is a different overall report and drilldown to each one.

Additional question, we have 8 teams in the QA group.
currently TestRail has Project and under it milestones, our problem is that every team test different components and we will need to open 8 project at a time(or 8 milestones)
instead of having 1 project(version) under it divide to teams, or another option is to add release.

in any case i think it will be useful for others as welll





Thanks for your posting. We do want to provide additional reporting capabilities in TestRail in the future and adding a dedicated reporting or metrics tab will likely be part of this enhancements. We also want to make it easier to build custom reports eventually. Please note that it’s also possible to write custom reports and add a custom new tab to TestRail with custom development if you are interested in this:

Regarding the entities: have you seen that you can also use test plans to add an additional layer to organize and group your test runs? Many teams use projects for their actual development projects, milestones for releases and test plans to further organize and group the test execution (e.g. for iterations or components). If you haven’t seen the test plan feature yet, you can create a test plan on the Test Runs & Results tab via the Add Test Plan button on the sidebar.



Additionally or perhaps tangentially :wink: … I have need to search or report on specific test configurations. For example a question like the following often arises: When was the last time we tested sensor x with interface y talking to software product z? X, Y are test run configurations in TestRail Test Plan suite runs for product Z.

I can search for the raw text but that only works if the test case or test result text happens to include that term. What I like is to restrict the search to runs with a specific configuration specified or alternatively reports of runs done with specific configurations or combination of configurations.



Thanks for your feedback. We want to support an enhanced search feature at some point that would allow you to filter the results based on the entity attributes (such as limiting the results to specific projects or test runs). We don’t have a time frame for this but it’s on our feature request list. If you need to run the same queries regularly it could make sense to write a custom report for this in the meantime.