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Enforce screenshot upload in test results



Some of our test cases provide screenshots in the expected results section. We would like to have a way to enforce that all executions of that test case provide a screenshot when logging the actual result. I think one way of achieving this would be to write a UI script. Is there any built-in way in TestRail to achieve the same, so we can avoid having to maintain the script?

Appreciate any pointer!


Attach text or excel to expected result

Hello Amaharana,

Thanks for your post! It currently wouldn’t be possible with the built-in field settings to ensure that the Actual Results field has an attachment requirement when submitting the result. While it may generally be possible to configure something like this with a UI script, it would likely be difficult to implement and maintain, and we don’t have any example scripts to provide for this type of script. We would generally just recommend managing this organizationally and ensuring your team knows the procedures for submitting these. We’re also happy to review options for supporting this or similar for a future update as well. Hope this helps!



Thanks for the update, Marco. I’ll look at managing this with policy for now, but with a large team and folks moving in and out, having a built-in way to achieve this will be great.


Hi Amaharana,

Just a thought…

Would it be useful to add a custom results field that the Field Type=URL (Field Type and set this to a mandatory field? You could then create a local folder for staff to store the screenshots on and reference it directly in this field. This would require users to copy screenshots to a specified location and update the URL field. However, is a useful screenshot tool that can be configured to store to a set folder, with a unique name, and structure as well as copy file path to clipboard at the same time for allowing users to paste into the URL field.

I have used the customised results field in different organisations to add to the built in functionality with much success.

I hope this makes sense and maybe provides an interim solution.


PS. I have no affiliation to but have used it across several different organisations.


Hi Bryan,

Thanks for your reply! This sounds like a very helpful and valid workaround for this problem! Any text field that supports Markdown can also be used in this manner (as you could upload the screenshot directly to the field), although it could be a bit easier to bypass the actual screenshot attachment by just entering some invalid text. The URL field type is a bit better as it requires a valid URL format and makes it a bit more time consuming to try to bypass. At the very least, both options would be good to serve as a reminder that users should attach a screenshot to the result! Testers can then just reference the screenshot in the Actual Results field by mentioning “see attached screenshot”. Thanks for the workaround, it’s much appreciated!



+1 Vote for me - with slight variation: would only want to require a screenshot on some steps, not every step. Might even want to require more than 1 screenshot on a particular step, with instructions: for example:
ScreenCapture#1: “Now capture the Settings screen.”
ScreenCapture #2: “Next, capture the Custom Settings” screen."


I’ve added on your vote and additional notes, thank you!