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Enabling JIRA Trigger?


Any plan to enable ‘workflow trigger’ in JIRA based on TestRail? (like they do with github/bitbucket) Goal is to let say reopen an issue on test case fail and move it to ‘done’ on test case pass…

It may be a JIRA limitation…




Hi Alex,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, there are plans to review this. That said, fully automating this can be a bit problematic as this is not always the desired behavior in all cases. It’s often useful to change the status in JIRA manually after reviewing the status change in TestRail (or vice versa) and maybe add a comment or additional insights in the same step. If you automate this task, then you could potentially lose additional (often very useful) context details. Another issue could arise if JIRA issues are linked to multiple test/results (or vice versa), maybe even across different configurations and test runs. While a status change may apply to a specific configuration or test run, it wouldn’t automatically apply to all configurations and reviewing this manually is often the better option in this case.

There are other cases as well but it’s definitely planned to review this and make use of this feature in the future. Thanks again!



Hi Tobias,

I do agree with you on some point and actually had that reflection after… At least it confirmed that you had already looked into it!




Thanks for the update, Alex! We will definitely make sure to look into this for a future version and thanks again for your feedback on this.