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Enable SSO for 5.7

I have installed TestRail v5.7.0.3951 but do not see a tag for “SSO” in the index.php?/admin/site_settings as can be seen in the screenshot on the release page here:

How do I enable this field?

[quote] SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On Support

TestRail’s SSO feature allows administrators to integrate TestRail with their preferred SSO identity provider (IDP) using the SAML 2.0 protocol. In practice, this means that the management of users can be streamlined, by creating them once in the IDP and then providing them with access to whichever applications are required by the user – TestRail, in this case. Once configured, TestRail SSO will automatically authenticate new users that have been authorized to use TestRail in the IDP. This means that testers can log in once, and get on with their work. And administrators no longer need to concern themselves with the day to day management of users in TestRail. Instructions for configuring and using SSO can be found in the TestRail documentation .

Single Sign-On is a TestRail Enterprise feature. Standard TestRail customers will not be able to use SSO functionality unless they have upgraded their server instance with an Enterprise license, or their cloud instance with an Enterprise subscription. We’ll announce the availability of TestRail Enterprise edition for purchase very soon.

Don’t think the Enterprise level is buyable just yet.

Thanks. I missed that note originally. It would be good to have an ETA on this.


TestRail Enterprise is now available for purchase. You can read more in the blog article here: