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Enable "Dark Mode" in TestRails?


Hi there,

Does anyone have a UI script that I may use to enable TestRails into a “dark mode”? If not, is there a UI template, for the different parts of the css? I guess I can go hunting for the elements as well, but I am hoping someone has already done it. Hehe.

#top .top-panel {
background-color: #8B0000;

As a start I want to change the majority of the white background in the tables to just a dark grey or black.



Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the post! I haven’t seen any UI Scripts which would do this, however it does appear to be pretty straightforward (although possibly tedious to capture all of the elements to re-color). Below is the start of a script which would put a black background on some of the major elements in the dashboard. You may have to recolor some of the link text and other details in TestRail to ensure you can see everything, though.

name: Dark Mode
description: Reskins TestRail's UI
author: Gurock Software
version: 1.0

body, #top, #header, #sidebar {
background-color: #000000;

Hope this helps!


Thank you for this example Jon. I’ll give it a go and play around. :slight_smile: