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Emoji support. Cannot post emojis to results or preconditions fields


I have problems using emojis with TestRail.
I am able to copy paste emojis to expected results in steps, as well as get them using test rail api from expected results fields.

However when I try to post text and emojis to, for example, preconditions or results fields using api, the text is simply cutoff where the emoji should be and the rest of the text is .
You can manually paste an emoji to those fields, but when you post that message emojis disappear.

Is there a work around for it?


Hi sgorbachov,

Not being able to post emojis would be a current limitation to the encoding used by TestRail. I will add your vote to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally, but we do not currently have a target date for this feature release. Meanwhile if the emoji is a vital part of the test then I would suggest uploading necessary files as an attachment.