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Embed Images appears when adding a result or writing test steps


Hello all,

Occasionally when we’re writing in test steps or entering in test results, we occasionally lose the ability to write in text and instead get a message telling us to drop image to embed. We’ve not yet been able to work out why this appears, and more importantly how to get rid of it and go back to entering text.

Do you know what causes this to appear in these circumstances and, when it does appear, what we can do to get rid of it? At the moment we have to add an image to get rid of it, and then delete the image from the step.

Many thanks


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your posting. Which TR version do you use? There’s a number of related fixes for the drag & drop image functionality with the recent 5.2.1 release. The behavior you mentioned can happen with older TR versions if you accidentally drag & drop text or an icon on the page.