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Emailed reports in zip file


is there a way to customize the zipped reports?

They contain javascript, which is flagged and deleted by our email server config. Can I add a password to the zip file? (PDF would be even better, but I already found that asked and answered here.)


Hello Tim,

Thanks for your email. It’s currently not possible to customize the report emails unfortunately. Do you have the option to white-list the sender email address from your TestRail installation (so that it wouldn’t go through the file check of your email server)?



I’m sure that is technically possible, but not realistic in my company. So with emailed reports we lose any javascript functionality, which appears to just be the interactive elements of the charts. Or is there something else?

As a (simple) new feature request, you should consider an option to set a zip file password. Since we use MS exchange, I’d be surprise if I was the first to encounter this.


Hello Tim,

The JavaScript functionality is required to view the graphs/charts (the charts are rendered via JavaScript) so the reports wouldn’t work well without JavaScript. I’ve added your feature request to our list for now and we will make sure to look into this. As an alternative to sending the reports directly via email, you can also just send a link to TestRail via email (via the “Email a link to the report (requires TestRail access)” option when adding a new report).



Yes, that’s what we’re doing for now as we are in a trial, but if we purchase, that will more than double or triple the number of licenses that we will require, and might be a blocker.

I could create a web portal to query the DB directly, but wanted to avoid that.


Hello Tim,

Thanks for the additional details. We also have licensing options for an unlimited number of users so this might not be an issue (depending on the amount of users you would need). Please contact us via email at if you have any questions about this or need an official quote.




I’m also interested on this feature. Would be great to have a password protected reports.
Also in our company the “.js” files are blacklisted by our mail server.

Thanks for the feedback :+1:


Hello Maurizio,

Happy to look into this, thanks for your feedback! We can recommend adding the TestRail emails to your email server whitelist, so they aren’t filtered. If you are using TestRail Cloud, all emails come from or If you are using a self-hosted TestRail installation, you can configure the sender address yourself under Administration > Site Settings > Email.

I hope this helps!



Hi, interested on this as well. We are a large corporation and getting emails whitelisted is a pain. It would be great to have a PDF option vs .js. The Zip file is being stripped from the email


Hi Jay!

Thanks for your feedback, added another vote :slight_smile:



Is there a solution to this yet? We are also a company that is not allowed to add .zip files to emails. They can’t be white-listed because of the security policies, so a simple .pdf would be the only way our company could use the report email functionality. Thanks. Andy


Not a solution to the specific request, but I asked the question originally, and didn’t get any useful responses.

In the end, I found testrail’s reports not useful, and wrote a web app to query the DB directly and provide a simple table of test runs with passed/failed/untested/etc…, along with aggregate totals and percentages.


Appreciate the reply… I like the report… just can’t send it… Did you use the API to feed your web app?


yes we can customize zipped reports.


No, I didn’t use the API. I query the DB directly.

We had a few issues that were solved by this. One is the inability to add/remove test runs from a plan. Instead of plans, we associate test runs together by milestone. So I query the DB for all test runs associated with a particular milestone. And to move a run or out of a plan, I add or remove the milestone association.

The end result for the report is just a table of runs with counts for each status, with sums and percentages at the bottom. Which is really what we wanted from a test report, but which I couldn’t see how to produce from testrail anyway.

And even if possible, there is absolutely zero chance of getting an exception for not stripping code out of email attachments in a large corporate environment. So their suggestion of whitelisting testrail as a sender wasn’t helpful.