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eMail to all users?


Is there a way to send a message to registered users on our TestRail installation ?
We would like to inform all users about an upcoming downtime for the 4.0 upgrade.

Another option to me would be to export all users (to excel) and then use this export with outlook etc.

Any chance to do that ?



Thanks for your email. There’s currently no way to do this unfortunately. If you use a local installation of TestRail and have access to the database, you could look into issuing a simple SELECT query to get all users and email addresses (please note that we support direct database access only for read-only queries). Please send an email to our help desk at for an example.

I hope this helps,


Hi. Any updates o this feature request? This is something I could use. As an alternative is there a way to export usernames and email to a text file?


Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your posting. We currently don’t have an update on this but it’s still planned to look into this (and maybe also to provide a CSV export of the user names/emails in the administration area). You would currently need to do this manually.



CSV export of just the email addresses is fine. In other words, as long as I can copy and paste the list into my gmail browser window, we are good. I do this with an SQL query for my Jira users and it works fine.


Thanks for your feedback, Jeff! We will make sure to look into this for a future version.


I agree that this would be a useful feature. Any progress on it being implemented?

Additionally, to know what groups users are in would be really helpful (e.g. to be able to export a csv of groups, containing a list of users in that group, displaying their name/email address … and possibly even their role?) :smile:


Hi Hayley,

We currently don’t have an update on this but it’s still planned to look into it, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: I’ve just added another vote to this feature request.