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Email the report as HTML attachment doesn't work

I tried to send some reports selecting “Email the report as HTML attachment”, but the email never arrives.
Instead, if I select “Email the report as PDF attachment” works correctly.

Does Test Rail say it was sent? If so - then the issue is likely after TR and between the email server and your PC. Lots of businesses have filters in place to not allow HTML files as attachments due to potential malware. My work sends the email but replaces the HTML zip file with and error message on why the file is not included.

I just tried sending it to a temporary email (yopmail) and also to Outlook and it works correctly in both cases, so that’s how you say, in this case, Gmail is restricting the email.
Is it possible that in the future an attachment as .zip will not be sent and instead the report formatted in the body of the email will be sent?

Thanks for your prompt response.

No - that is why the PDF was developed so that the reports could be seen in the correct format without needing HTML code.

At least that is what Gurock has said in the past.

Hello @bruqin,

Thank you for posting! TestRail would always send out the emails as configured in the report’s options. It’s likely that your mail provider / mail filter is blocking the mail from reaching your inbox, or filtering it to your spam folder (this happens most often due to the HTML/JS files that are contained within the report attachment as many filters would block these). Google mail would also block any incoming emails that contained JavaScript as they have added a new policy for this. Your team may need to contact Google Support if you use Google Apps for mail to see about allowing these reports to come through.

Thanks to both! I will continue to send the reports as PDF.

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