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Email test report not receiving by external person (No TestRail Access)



New user of TestRail. I have tried sending a test report to an external person however, he is not receiving the email. I am not sure if there something that needs to be configured. I only ticked the check box “Email the report as attachment (no TestRail access required)” then input the email address.

Note: Already checked the Spam mail but to no avail.

Let me know if I missed something. Thanks!



The 3rd person may have rules in their email that prevents zip files from being delivered. They might get an error message but it is likely a config issue for the 3rd person. To test this send yourself a report (if your work allows zip files) and if you get the email and file then the issue is a config issue for the 3rd persons email…


Thanks. The 3rd person is using Gmail as provider and I have read that it restricts zip files only if it contains executable file types or it is encrypted. Does the zip file from the report on TestRail contain those aforementioned?


I believe the files are HTML files - not sure if they are considered executable though.

I just sent myself a report and there are .js files so those I believe are executable java files and that is probably causing the issue.


Thanks again! I will check if there’s something we can do to unblock receiving those kinds of attachment.


Glad to help - good luck… :wink:


I am seeing the same issue, while sending the test report for external person, I tried both personnel email and work email, none of received the email.

Can please anyone help how to send the report or is this a bug?


Have you had the 3rd party see if the zip files with executables are being blocked on their email server?


I used my personnel gmail to send the report too and I am not blokcing anything on my system


I have the same issue. Also tested with personal gmail account where nothing is blocked and do not receive the email. So is there any update on this problem?