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Email Test Case


The answer may be obvious but I have yet to be able to find it.

Is there a way of emailing my Test Suite to a colleague that doesn’t have Testrail access. For example the email contents will contain all Test Cases with Steps within the body of the email itself.

This will save me having to export to excel and attach the which is the method that I have currently adopted.

Kind Regards



Hi Alex,

Thank you for your post. The way you are currently doing this is one of the recommended ways to do this. Additionally, you could use the ‘Detailed view’ option in the print view of a given test suite. You could then save this as a PDF and send that to your colleague. This would include the full description of the test, steps, expected results, etc. This of course is as involved as what you are already doing but at least gives you an additional option.


Thanks Matt,

I will try that now.