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Email report from SmartInspect?


I found this site and SmartInspect looks interesting for me.
I’m not a user of it but I wonder if it can be configured to send me a daily report by email of the logs filtered by custom criteria. For example exceptions with callstack, certain keywords and the value (I have TimeOut: 1.576 sec) and so on.


Hello Roland,

thanks for your interest in SmartInspect. The described scenario is possible with SmartInspect, but currently not built-in. The SmartInspect libraries currently do not have a protocol to send email.

However, you could do this yourself by registering a custom protocol which adds the email functionality and does the custom filtering for you. We have an article in our article section which explains how to implement and register custom protocols:
Using Custom Protocols with the SmartInspect Libraries

But the idea with the daily reports is indeed very interesting. I added it to the list of suggestions and feature requests. If you have any questions about the custom protocol you can also contact me directly via email (click on my name below).