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Email options



I was wondering what all the conditions were for sending out email notifications? I am trying to check and see if my email settings are setup correctly, but do not know what I should be trying. Any assistance would be helpful.



I think email is working properly for the most part, but I am having a couple of issues that I thought I would mention.

  1. Emails seem to be sent out to all users except for myself. I am using the default Admin account, and no matter what I do, I cannot get an any emails sent to me, regardless of what actions I take. Is this due to using the default account? My other tester is able to get emails just fine.

  2. I have 2 messages that seem to be hung up in the queue, and will not send. I get the following message in my log:
    ERROR - 2009-10-21 08:03:02 --> task[notifications]: Aborting notifications
    ERROR - 2009-10-21 08:03:02 --> task[notifications]: Failed to send email
    I have tried changing my email to another provider, but that does not seem to work. I also just tried restarting Apache and MySQL to see if that fixed it, but no luck…



Hi Jon,

the first user account (the default admin) isn’t handled specially regarding emails, so it shouldn’t make a difference. Since other users are receiving emails, the general connection to your email server also seems to work. It looks like your email server might block emails to you, but happily relays emails to other users.

]Have you specified an internal SMTP server for sending emails or an external email server (e.g. from your provider)?[/]
]In TestRail’s Admin area, in the Background Task box, how many messages are in your sending queue (the status line)?[/]
]Do all users have ‘internal’ email addresses (e.g., email addresses with your company domain name)?[/]
]Also, could it be a problem with a spam filter that is filtering too aggressively?[/*]

We definitely plan to add features to testRail to better diagnose email sending issues.



I am using a Postfix mail server to send out the emails on the server, but have also tried a gmail SMTP account as well.

There are 2 messages sitting in the queue waiting to be processed. I have tried going in an deleting them out of the db in hopes that one of them was the issue, but it always seems to back up again the next message the queues up.

All of the users currently have external email addresses, and I have even tried multiple addresses for myself to no avail.

I’ve triple checked the spam filtering, and there does not appear to be any messages in there for TestRail.



Hello Jon,

The error reporting of the email background task is a bit weak at the moment, sorry for that. We plan to improve the error handling and reporting in the next beta version and also to include a feature to send a test email. This should go a long way diagnosing such problems. In the mean time, you should also be able to find out what’s going on by checking your postfix mail server log(s). Postfix logs can usually be found here:


If this doesn’t help, I can prepare an updated version of the background task with an improved error reporting.



Thanks Tobias, I will check that out, and let you know the results!