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Email Notifications



I cant find any comprehensive documentation on testrail email notifications.
I know that emails are sent out to newly added testrail users. Can you possibly give me a list of scenarios where emails are sent from an admin point of view?

Eg. Are emails sent out when users are assigned/removed from project? When projects are marked as completed? When fields are added to a project?


I’d be interested in this too.



Thanks for your posting(s). Emails or email notifications are sent for the following actions or events:

  • When you add a new user account (and tell TestRail to send an email with the login details)
  • For the Forgot Password functionality
  • When you assign one or multiple test runs or tests to a user
  • When you add a result to a test and the test was assigned to a user OR when a user is explicitly subscribed for changes to the test run / test (via the email icon in the test run / test toolbar)

Please note that email notifications for test runs & results are not sent to your own user account if you perform the action yourself (e.g. if you assign a test run to yourself). I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!



I created a test run and want TestRail to send e-mail notification when a particular configuration of test run is assigned to user? Is there a way i can do it. I see an option for user to subscribe it but looking for e-mail notification for the changes done by someone else.



Yes, TestRail would already do that automatically and generates email notifications for assigned runs (when you add or edit a test plan). Do you use TestRail Cloud or a self-hosted TestRail Server instance? I’m asking as the email notifications are sent by the background task and some TestRail Server installations do not have the background task installed:

TestRail would also only generate notifications for other users. This means that TestRail wouldn’t generate notifications if you assign test runs to yourself.

I hope this helps!



Thank you for the response.
We use TestRail cloud. My colleagues told me that they don’t receive an e-mail when i assign test cases to them. Do I need set any settings for e-mail notification?



Notifications are enabled by default so it’s likely more of a email delivery issue than a configuration issue. Do you/your IT have the option to add to your email whitelist? Could you also please review your spam folder to see if you there are any emails from TestRail?

You can check that notifications are actually generated in the administration area (overview page). Once you assigned a test to a different person, the number of messages in the queue should reflect this:



My background task list shows one message in the queue (I presume). When will that be sent and/or can I force messages out?


Hi @dorsey,

Thanks for your posting. The background task processes the queue and sends the messages automatically when it runs. The background task runs every few minutes on TestRail Cloud and usually with a similar interval on TestRail Server. For TestRail Server, it’s just important to configure/trigger the background task as documented here: