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Email Notifications for Test Runs


I am attempting to finish up our new Testrail installation, and we are experiencing some odd email notification behavior when assigning Test Cases inside a test run. When we assign an individual test case (inside a run) to a user, they properly get the notification email. However if we select “Assign all in filter” to a tester (not the original tester or the person doing the assigning), they do not receive any email notification. The assignee in Testrail is properly updated.

Some Installation details (if it helps)

  • 1. CentOS 6.x
  • TestRail version
  • Database: MySQL 5.x
  • Background Task is installed and working


Hi @rws5066,

Thanks for your posting. The “Assign all in filter” currently does not send email notifications because this may result in lots of generated emails which may not be the desired behavior in all cases. A custom selection and “Assign selected” would generate email notifications though and we are happy to look into adding support for “Assign all in filter” as well, thanks for your feedback!