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Email Notifications for Arrival or Change in Status of a Defect



I searched through the support form, but was unable to find exactly what I was looking for. Does TestRail have the ability to provide automatic email notification to customizable sets of users for customizable events such as the arrival or change in status of a defect report?

Thank you for your help!


Hi Meghan,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail has support for email notifications in various places. For example, email notifications are generated when assigning tests to users, adding new results etc. Notifications are either generated for test owners or for users who subscribe to test runs or tests. Email notifications are also supported for reports, i.e. when a new report is available and this can configured directly on the report form when creating a new report (also for recurring/scheduled reports):



Hi guys,

I’ve got a very similar question but in my case I would like to know is it possible to send automatic email notification to a group of users when result of a testcase is changed e.g. to ‘failed’ (for all testcases in Milestone)? I know the email is sent to the person assigned to a testcase but is it possible to include more people just for specific actions (like ‘failing’ test case)?



Hi Michal,

Thanks for your posting(s). Emails or email notifications are sent for the following actions or events:

  • When you add a new user account (and tell TestRail to send an email with the login details)
  • For the Forgot Password functionality
  • When you assign one or multiple test runs or tests to a user
  • When you add a result to a test and the test was assigned to a user OR when a user is explicitly subscribed for changes to the test run / test (via the email icon in the test run / test toolbar)

Please note that email notifications for test runs & results are not sent to your own user account if you perform the action yourself (e.g. if you assign a test run to yourself).

In this case, if a user is set as watching a test run, they would get updates to test cases in the test run when new results are added. I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!