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Email Notifications Bundled by Test Suite


After assigning 1 Test Suite to a tester, the tester receives 1 email notification per Test in the Test Suite. If there are many tests in the test suite, this can become overwhelming.

Is there a way to bundle email notifications by Test Suite rather than having 1 email notification per Test?

If not, I’d like to add this as a feature request.

As a workaround, we’re using Outlook to filter the email notifications to folders.


Hello Gary,

There’s currently no support for combining multiple email notifications. Users can unsubscribe from a test run to stop receiving all messages for a run (via the email icon in the toolbar of a run; this works even if you are the owner of a test) but there’s currently no support for generating combined notification messages to reduce the amount of emails.

But thanks for the suggestion, I just added it to our feature request list. We are also looking into adding support for RSS feeds to provide an alternative notification mechanism.



We have the same issue. Yes we can filter emails, but it would be nice if Testrail could regroup email notifications in one email.

Really useful when sending mass assignations (e.g. when starting a new test run).


Hi Louis,

Yes, I agree that this would be useful to have, and it’s already on our list of enhancements we are looking into for the one of the next releases.

Thanks for the feedback!



I know it has been a while this post was not updated but I wanted to say it’s still important for us. Unfortunately, the 2.7 version does not include this feature.



Hello Louis,

Thanks for your posting. This was actually already added with TestRail 2.5 (released in April):

Or do you mean something else?