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Email notification to user when you mention his/her name in comment section


Hello Team,

Is there any way an email notification would be sent to a test rail user if you mention his/her name/user id/mail id in the comment section or some other customized text field like it happens in JIRA?


Hi Ankit,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail has email notifications on the Test Runs & Results tab for various actions. For example, TR generates email notifications for new test results for the test owner (the one the test is assigned to), or if you assign tests to a person. You can also explicitly subscribe to changes for test runs/tests via the email/subscription icon:

(see the toolbar next to the run title)

A generic notification system (e.g. if you mention a user or similar) is currently not available but we are happy to look into this and I agree that this would be great to have.



Thanks for your reply Tobias.
Can you please take this as a formal feature request.


Will do! Thanks again for your feedback.