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Email - Notification of error messages

Hello, everybody,

we use the TestRail Cloud Version.
We have set up various accounts to test our TestCases throughout the company. For this we use the way via Milestones -> TestRuns / TestPlans.

The cases are then assigned to the testers.

We would like to model the following situation:
If a TestCase runs on green -> nothing happens, we see it in the overview.
If a TestCase runs on red (i.e. a bug), an e-mail should be generated to inform the QA team so that the corresponding bug tickets can be created promptly. Is this possible? Is it possible to do this via the report?


just because we had contact today already… I thought you directly create a defect out of Testrail in Jira when en error occurs on test execution.



yes we had already written today.
And yes, we create a bug ticket from the defect window. It’s about a process before that.
We’re considering the possibility that when a TestCase is set to bug, a mailing list will be informed, so that the QA department will be informed and then create a ticket via the defect report (and check everything again before)

So our “problem” at the moment is: How we can make sure that, when a TestCase is set to Failed by someone, an email is sent to QA.

Well, I wouln’t break the process. If a Test fails, the Tester directly creates a Defect/Bug and the process is started already. If not a valid (or whatever) defect, you can close it again. That’s why I was asking before.

The only reason I can imagine to change this, is for test automation reason. Probably you start with an analysis before creating a bug/defect.

IMHO the buidl in features doesn’t support it. You may create a report for a run displaying all failed tests and send this to the QA department frequently or after finishing a run.

Probably you can create a UI-script to send a mail at the add_result dialog in case of a failure.