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Email is not sent for assigned user


i have assigned the test run to one user…but the email is not sent for user…


Hello Kader,

Thanks for your posting! Email notifications depend on a variety of factors. Please make sure that global and user-specific email notifications are enabled (Administration > Site Settings > Email and per user under My Settings). Please also note that TestRail doesn’t generate notifications if you assign a test to yourself.

If you are using a self-hosted TestRail installation, you can check your email configuration in general under Administration > Site Settings > Email by sending a test email. If you are using TestRail Cloud, I would recommend checking your spam folder in case you don’t see the emails within a few minutes (and adding to your whitelist).

I hope this helps!



Email notifications enabled…

[Swift_ConnectionException] The SMTP connection failed to start []: fsockopen returned Error Number 111 and Error String 'Connection refused’
at Swift_Connection_SMTP->start (Swift.php:217)
at Swift->connect (Swift.php:102)
at Swift->__construct (email.php:120)
at Email_library->_try_send (email.php:78)
at Email_library->send (email.php:117)
at email::send (notifications.php:110)
at Notifications_job->_send_message (notifications.php:65)
at Notifications_job->_process_message (notifications.php:52)
at Notifications_job->run (tasks.php:174)
at Tasks_controller->_run_job (tasks.php:143)
at Tasks_controller->_process_job (tasks.php:61)
at Tasks_controller->_run (tasks.php:50)
at Tasks_controller->index (controller.php:123)
at Controller->_invoke_cli (controller.php:113)
at Controller->_invoke (gizmo.php:107)
at require_once (index.php:106)
at require_once (task.php:49)


Thanks, Kader! This looks like an issue with the email server you’ve configured. Are you sure that an email server is running on If your TestRail installation is running on Unix/Linux, you often also have a local SMTP/email server installed (localhost/ which can deliver emails. Could you try this please instead?





Great to hear that :smile:



Hi Team,

we have almost same issue. Cannot connect to our mail server with following error.

The SMTP connection failed to start []: fsockopen returned Error Number 13 and Error String ‘Permission denied’

Same thing applies for the local mailserver in linux as sugested above.

telnet to the server works without issues. What can be causing this?



Hi Tomas,

Thanks for your posting. Please make sure that your SMTP server is actually listening on (and not just on the public IP, for example). Permission Denied might also indicate a permission error (so the web server is not allowed to open a TCP connection). Do you use something like SELinux that might prevent TCP connections initiated by your web server?