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Email configuration issues


Im trying to configure my Testrails instance to use the same email login information and settings as the JIRA instance i have it integrated with. Our mail uses TLS specifically and there is no option within testrails to use TLS for email. Ive tried using the SSL option, but authentication always fails with known good credentials working on the JIRA instance.

Both our JIRA and TestRails are independent AWS instances, and both have unrestricted access on all ports to one another.

Because i cannot get email working, im unable to invite the team to use testrails / create accounts, and my 30 day trial expires on 3/12…

Any suggestions ?.


Hello James,

Thanks for your posting! For more complex email setups we recommend using a local SMTP forwarder (such as Postfix on Unix/Linux, for example). Assuming you use Linux and maybe Ubuntu, you should already have a local SMTP service installed and can configure the user/password as part of the SMTP service instead of TestRail. Do you use Ubuntu + Postfix, or something else?

In TestRail, you would then simply use “localhost” without user/password for the email integration.

Regarding the extension: we are happy to extend your trial and please just send an email to to get an extended license key.