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Eliminating invalid combinations



In case when we have lots of configurations in terms of variables and platform combinations (e.g. such as Operating System, Browser, Device, etc). Is there any way of eliminating invalid combinations automatically?
for e.g. (MacOS and edge)
If not automatically, could this be achieved va APIs?

Second question: Can we apply environmental configurations on Test case level. There are some test cases that should only be tested against one OS and not others. For e.g. Windows-specific tests only being created for Windows and not macOS.

Kind Regards,


Hi Sagari,

Thank you for your post. With configurations you would be able to select which specific configurations were added to a test run. Outside of this you would not be able to automatically eliminate specific configurations automatically. You could always automate this using the TestRail API but this would of course take some extra development time and may not be worth the time investment.

TestRail would not allow you to apply configurations like you are wanting at the test case level. You would manually edit these test cases and call out this information in the preconditions field. You could then use markdown to highlight these special requirements.