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Elasped time comparison report


I am looking to create a report that would look like this:

                 run_1            run_2          run_3

test_case1 time1 time2 time3
test_case2 time1 time2 time3

Idea is that i want a performance report for the test cases elapsed time over different runs. I can then find when performance issues were introduced during which run etc…

Is it possible to create this kind of report. I tried property distribution but i could not group by test case and have runs as the column.


Hi Joe,

Thank you for your post. The Property Distribution report would be the closest report that we currently have in TestRail. That being said, you can export your test run data and run your own custom reports against the data if you would like. In fact we have quite a few customers that do this with their run data.


Yea it looks like the export is the better option here.