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Editting the Test Cases in Test Plan



Can I have a chance to edit the test cases in the test plan? I mean, I have a test plan and it contains one test run. It consists of two configurations (platforms). One of the is related to web application and the other one is related to mobile application and each of them has naturally same test cases.

However, every test cases can’t applicable for these two applications. Can I specify or add-remove the test cases in these configurations or should I create two different test runs for web and mobile, then I combine under the same test plan?


Hello @burakpektas,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, you can also simply change the case selection per configuration. By default, the configurations use the case selection of the test plan entry (44 test cases in your case) but you can override this per configuration. Just hover over the configuration row and you will see a select link as part of the Test Cases cell to change the case selection for this configuration.



This would be a great feature if the selection dialog came up with the current selection. Currently it comes up completely unselected.

I would think the most common use case is the user wants to remove or add a few more cases to this specific configuration and not a wholesale rework of the selection. If that was the case one might as well just create another run.


Hello Paul,

Thanks for your feedback! Any configured filter on the plan form is already restored (and can then be applied to the new case selection) but we are happy to look into initializing the case selection from the plan entry, definitely makes sense.



What does this mean? What is a ‘configured filter on the plan’