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Editor Formatting reference - Pictures in table


I am trying to put a picture in a table and i have no luck… I tried something like:
|||:Organization|:Sign|:Picture| Info
|| Test Organization| TestO| image_here | A organization which is test

I also tried something like

  • Test Organization image_here
  • Another Test image_here

But it seems it is loosing formatting after 1st header

Can someone explain what i am doing wrong here?


I don’t believe pictures work in tables or with the Markup formatting.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for your posting. The tables don’t have support for images and only support pre-formatted text (code blocks) and links:



I have worked around this.

What do I do ?
First, I change the markdown pic into html syntax ().
Now I face another problem that it turns out the “<img src = …>” would become "&lt;img src = … &gt;"
Therefore I made a ui script to convert “&lt;img src = … &gt;” back to "<img src= …>"
and it works now.