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Editing Test Run results


Today I have Passed several Test Runs.

When I first pass the Test Run I have the ability to Edit the Test Run results but this edit button does not appear to exist on old Test Runs.

Please could you let me know why this disappears as it is sometimes useful to add further details to a Test Run you have previously completed.


I have the same problem

A very simple scenario

]first execution of a test run, adding a test result to a test case[/]
]Then I realized the information display in one of the steps is incorrect[/]
]I modified the Test Case itself [/]
]I have now a discrepancy between the “modified” test case and the content of the test result [/]
]The edit button is no longer available for me to update my comment in the test result[/*]

If it’s a feature, then how long is the edit button available ?

How can we modify the test result ?


The amount of time the “Edit” link is available for a Test Result can be set by an admin in the Site Settings --> User Interface --> Editing Test Results dropdown.

Hope that helps,


Thank you, It’s exactly what I was looking for


Thanks, we will look into what we want this setting to be going forwards.