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Editing test results



I set the editing time to Unlimited for test results. I have submitted a test result on a test case in a run. When I click the edit link it doesn’t let me change the status dropdown or test results. Is this expected behavior?

Also, is there a way to delete a test result?



Hello Mike,

Thanks for your posting. This is the expected behavior, you cannot change the test status once it has been submitted. However, you can simply add another test result and thus ‘override’ the previous result. Only the newest test result is used in statistics and status reports so overriding the test result is the recommended way. Deleting a test result or changing the status is not possible at the moment but we will consider this for a future version.



Is there any update to the feature request of being able to change a test result status? I noticed this has come up a lot in this support forum, and I understand that the answer is to ‘override’ the mistaken entry by posting a new test result.

However, I would really prefer to at least have a window where I can edit my own test result. Over and over again I find I have entered the correct results for individual steps but the overall result is not what I had intended (for example, I want ‘unfinished’, yet I marked a step ‘failed’ so the overall status has changed to ‘failed’ without my setting it).

I like having one result with my notes, bug defect IDs, time elapsed, etc AND the correct status. Overriding it enters another result in the thread, which is separate from the result with all my notes.


Thanks for your posting. We currently don’t have an update for this but it’s still on our list of things to look into. There are several reasons for this behavior (one being that this allows for a complete audit trail) but we will look into ways to make this more flexible.



Any update on this for editing the status of case in testrun without overriding?


Maybe I have a warped sense of humor, but it amuses me that the relevant setting is “Editing Test Results”, but I am not allowed to edit “Test Status”, which is the main test result one is interested in.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the post! We do have a feature request for this and I’ve added your vote to this as well.



@j.callahan Can you explain Tobias’ January 14 comment of one being that this allows for a complete audit trail ??
The more I encounter the current behavior, the more and more I dislike it, thinking: “Hey, I’d give up a “complete” audit trail to get this thing fixed per @sys_qa 's description in their 3rd paragraph.”