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Editing test case returns to top section


Has anyone found a good workaround to the fact that I am always dumped back to the top section of compact view after editing a test case? It should return me back to my current section.


Hello Logan,

Thanks for your posting. It is planned to improve this behavior and we currently recommend opening the edit form in a separate browser tab (and closing this tab if you are done editing the test case).



This is a really common complaint in our group as well, coupled with the fact that the tree on the right of the screen also doesn’t stay collapsed. These two things together make it very difficult to work with a large list of tests.


Hello Jim,

We currently recommend opening test cases and the Add Test Case form in a new browser tab and closing this again when you are finished editing/adding the test case. This way you won’t loose your position and the state of the section tree stays the same as well. Would this work for you? We know that this isn’t ideal and it is planned to improve this with one of the next larger updates.