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Editing test case now changes test in run


If I edit a test case after it has been added to a test run, the test in the run is changed as well. This shouldn’t happen, especially if the test in run has a result attached - the test in run should show what was done at the time of execution. Editing after the execution changes what actually happened.

The thing is I’m sure that TestRail used to support this concept; the test in run has two buttons at the top -

  • View Case
  • Edit Case

If I clicked Edit Case, it would change the test and the test in run

If I clicked View Case, then edited the resulting test, it did not change the test in run… or, am I mis-remembering this?


Hello Martin,

Thanks for your posting! This has always been the behavior of TestRail and there hasn’t been any changes in this regard. Changes in test cases propagate to all (active) test runs and closed test runs are not affected.

If you need more flexible versioning for your cases, you can look into using the baseline feature of TestRail which was specifically designed to test against multiple case repository versions. This is often used to implement different “branches” of your case repository to test multiple versions in parallel or to be independent of case changes in the trunk/master repository: