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Editing Test Case from within a Test Run takes us out of the Run

It used to be that if we edited a Test Case from within a Test Run and saved it, we would be returned to the Test Run so we could then add Test Results.

Just recently however, we are taken out of the run and into the Test Cases tab (meaning we then need to navigate back to that Test Run.

I did search this Forum and couldn’t find any other reports of this. Is it just us or have others experienced this recently?

FWIW, we are on Cloud.

Hi @Jarod,
as far as I remember, it was always like this.
But with tthe Back Button of the brwoser it was possible to jump back to the run, or not?


Thanks kwirth.

We were definitely able to do this before the latest upgrade.

Clicking the Back button once we have Saved a test case takes us back to the Edit form.

Looks like the new feature when you can click the > icon when you are in the Test Run to have the Test Case appear on the right of the page (where you can then Edit it) has removed the existing functionality.

It was a lot easier previously to just go into the Test Case (from within the test run) and Edit and Save it.

So, I haven’t got access to a new version, like 6.2 coming with the fast edit and not sure how it really looks like:

And yes, I thought about calling back twice, of course using it once will get you back to the edit mode. But probably I remembered wrong, sorry.

I guess it is just a different way of working - but I can’t handle change! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hi @Jarod & @kwirth - thanks for flagging this; it looks like an unintended feature to me… We will try and get it fixed ASAP.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused!

That’s awesome, thanks sjpknight. A lot of other companies would just leave it and expect people to use it via the the > icon. It is reassuring to have a company that listens to the customer feedback! :+1:

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