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Editing multiple test cases can produce an exception


If you press enter on the browser url field when you are editing multiple test cases:

A 404 will be generated:

I found this while testing, but it also occurs on


Hello Glenn,

Thanks for your posting. This is expected as TestRail only expects and accepts POST requests for this method (and TestRail’s would only open it this way). Opening the edit form manually via a regular link wouldn’t be possible and you would need to go through TestRail to open the bulk-edit form. I hope this helps and please let me know in case anything is unclear!



Ah ok - the reason I brought it up was because F5 didn’t cause the same problem - but F5 will resubmit the POST action :smile:


Yep :smile: The reason for supporting POST only are the case IDs which can get longer than the supported browser limit for GET parameters.