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Editing copied test cases


Hi All,

I’m new to TestRail and about to begin populating for our first sprint but I want to make sure I’m going about it efficiently. Here’s my question (the first of many, I’m sure):

Example: I have a test case created for a particular feature. I then copy that test case to multiple sections (e.g. iOS 9, iOS 10) since the steps and results should be exactly the same for app on each OS. Later, I need to edit the test case because the feature has been adjusted.

Is there a way to edit the test case where the change is replicated to the copied ones?



Hey Bill,

Thanks for your posting. We recommend managing test environments and configurations on the test execution level rather than on the test case level. This is especially useful if the cases don’t change and you have the same cases for all or most environments/configurations. TestRail comes with a dedicated feature just for that and this is called configurations and test plans:

I would recommend watching our video tutorial which explains how to use plans and configurations:



That’s perfect. Thank you.


You are welcome, Bill!