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Editing Cases should not affect their active Tests



I’ve got a problem. Example:

I have got a Testcase and this testcase is in an active Testrun marked as passed. Now I edit the Case and the Test is edited too. This should not happen!

Two possibilities:

  1. If a Tests is allready tested, than it should not be allowed to be changed afterwards, or
  2. all active Tests, that belong to a newly edit test should be automativly marked as “restest”

A Test should never be changed, when it is already tested!

Thx, Jan

forgot the important part: How can I deal with this behaviour?


Hello Jan,

Thanks for your feedback, that’s very useful. Yes, changes to test cases are automatically propagated to the associated test runs/tests as long as the test run is still open. This does not happen after closing/archiving a test run (via the lock icon in the toolbar of a test run/plan). I understand that it might be useful to make this more flexible or “smarter” (e.g. via the rules you’ve mentioned), and it is already planned to look into this. Changing the current behavior may not be desired by all customers, so this would likely be implemented as an optional feature (e.g. via an option when adding a new test run/plan).

Thanks again and please let me know in case you have any further questions or feedback.