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Editing an old status result, updates the current result

Testrail v
For a test with a history of multiple results (latest being ‘failed’) …
When editing an older result to change it to ‘in progress’ the main screen now shows the latest result as ‘in progress’. To me, the latest result should continue to be ‘failed’
Is this a bug or intentional?
Has anyone else experienced this issue or can re-create it?


Why would you update the older result in a first place? :smiley: IMO, when you edit an older result, it makes sense to update this result to be the latest (since it’s updated most recently). Otherwise, I would just workaround this issue by updating the last “failed” result to “In Progress” then execute it once more with a “failed” status.


Hi Ivo, thanks for your reply.
Reason - The older status was incorrect - so it was ‘edited’ to reflect the correct status at that time.
I do disagree that it makes sense - as I am editing (correcting) a historical status that the test was once in. I am not changing the current status. If I wanted to do that I could edit the current status or add result.
Yes the workaround for this is easy & have already done this.

Would be interested if you can do this too in your testrail?
Thanks again.