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Editing a test result does not get marked as "Failed"


After adding a test result on TestRail, if you try to edit the results and mark a test as Failed - The original result does not get marked as “Failed”, it still says “PASSED”.

When performing a test -> if the script says for example “Restart Computer” there is no way to add a result as temporary, to allow continuation at a later time? The only way that I can see is to add a whole new result and start the test over…I have the edit results set to “Unlimited” on the admin page.


Results are kept for auditing purposes - my company does not do audits but TR will always report the most recent result. So if it is failed originally and then 2 days later it is passed - it will report passed thereafter. In my company what we have done is keep it as failed and close the run. Then when we retest the - we use a new run - especially if it will tak a while before it can be retested. we are a small company and do not have huge test runs which makes doing this a bit easier.

We use the In Progress or Blocked status if we can’t complete a test immediately or if there will be a delay.


Thanks for your reply!
Does this allow future edits to the result and allow the result to be marked as failed?


I am going to let someone from Gurock answer just in case I am remembering things incorrectly - we just got on version 5.3 fairly recently and I am not positive on the answer to the question.


Hi All,

Thanks for your post! Currently it isn’t possible to ‘pause’ the add result dialog for such situations, and you wouldn’t be able to edit previous result statuses as these are preserved for auditing purposes. You can create a custom status such as ‘In Progress’ to manage this, and enter that as a result before your restart. The recommended approach would then be to enter a new result to override the previous result, and TestRail would only use the latest result for any reports/statistics. You wouldn’t need to perform each step over again as you could just continue where you left off when adding the new result (and you can leave the already tested step statuses as ‘Untested’ because the previous result shows that they had already passed/failed etc). You can then just add a comment if needed to explain the multiple results submit for the test. Hope this helps!



Thanks for your reply, I guess we can try that. It is unfortunate that you can not pause a test to reopen at a later time and then add a result. We do a lot of restarting of the desktop and this would be a huge benefit so you don’t have to go back and look where you left off… Future release feature right :wink:



Thanks for the follow up post. You can always pause your progress timer that way you can come back and resume the test and rather than saving your result at that time, hold off on submitting the overall result. This isn’t the most ideal process but it would save you from having to enter an extra result in the long term.