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Edit Test result eventually not allowed



I have been testing more things recently than in the past and I know that once the Test Result is set (at least for a Failed result) we can edit the result to add in more details.

I did notice however that sometime after entering the IDs for the defects I created - the edit is no longer available. I eventually decided to remove one of the defects but I can’t edit the Test Result anymore to update the Defects list.

When does the Test Result become uneditable?




Hello Brian,

Thanks for your posting. A test result is editable for 15 minutes by default but this can be changed/disabled in TestRail’s administration area under Administration > Site Settings > User Interface. The edit feature is mostly meant for correcting spelling mistakes etc. and we usually recommend adding new test results if you want to change, correct or enhance the result/comment itself.



I am bumping this issue because we have similar problem. The settings how long “edit” option is available seem to be global.

Is there a way to make it so that this is project specific ?

We have many teams working in TestRail and each of them would like to have a control over this option.


Hello Pawel,

Thanks for your feedback! The Edit option is global and can be configured under Administration > Site Settings > User Interface. It’s set to 24 hours by default and this is a good default for many teams but it can also make sense to disable the timeout completely. Configuring this per project is currently not possible, so I would recommend finding a common value that works best for all teams.