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Edit Test Case takes 2 minutes to load

We have a large test case (500 steps), and whenever I go to edit the test case, it takes 2+ minutes to load the entire page. We have tested this on other test cases (60 steps), and we still see the same length of time to pull up the case, so we know it’s not an issue of 500+ steps. There is NO traffic from the web browser to the server/DB for those 2 minutes of sitting - it’s literally spinning doing nothing. I have tried to modify server settings with no success. Any ideas? What am I missing? There has to be something wrong - there is no way everyone is waiting 2+ minutes to edit a test case.

I would bet you have the most steps in a test case. I generally don’t do any more than 10 steps or so and there are no issues with editing the test cases with 10-20 steps. It has to be directly related to the number of steps.