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Edit test case steps: side by side



When editing cases with steps, the expected result textarea is displayed below steps text area.

This is kinda annoying, as it creates a really long scroll (for more than 3 steps) and visually you don’t see your steps side by side the expected results, as you do when viewing or running a test case.

I’ve attached the screenshot to demonstrate how the edit case form should look:

Hope you you consider changing it,


Hello Alex,

Thanks for your suggestion. I agree that this would be useful to have with large monitors and I’ve added it as a feature request. It may be possible to implement this in the meantime with UI scripts:

UI scripts allow you to change some aspects of the UI via CSS and/or JavaScript. I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.




I would like to request that if this feature is introduced, it would be optional.
I actually find the current structure more useful for me, as I work with only half of a wide screen, the other half being used for other documents.
The “narrow format” is actually very useful to me, and is one of many reasons I very much like this tool .

Nikolai Beltov


Hello Nikolai,

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, if we added this to the product directly, we would likely make this configurable (or have it automatically adjust it to the screen / window size) and we understand that different users use different windows sizes.




Has this side-by-side feature been implemented yet? (I am not able to find it in the Admin unless I am missing something). Or is the UI script method still the only way to implement it?


UPDATE: Please disregard. I didn’t see that I needed to select a different test case template to see this layout. I’ll set that template as the default.