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Edit Test Case: Expand All


It would be extremely useful to have a button to expand all fields when editing a test case.

The feature would expand the for boxes so that all of the data that is already entered can be seen.

A) There could be an option to expand a step.
B) There could be an option to expand all steps. This is one of the most common things I do when updating test cases. It takes a lot of time and effort to do this manually.

This would save me a significant amount of time and effort on a regular basis.


Hi Allen,

Thanks for your post! Sure, we’re happy to review this as a feature request as it makes sense that this would be helpful with editing test cases. Thanks for your feedback! As an alternative in the meantime, you can potentially look into a UI script to expand this automatically, however we haven’t tested this and we don’t have a specific example that we can provide for this type of script as it might be difficult to implement especially with multiple fields. If you’re interested in trying this you can learn more about UI scripts in general on our website here: