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Edit results done by others


Our test results are quite detailed and they sometimes cover lots of data. This also includes quite a lot of formatting to make it readible.

If one tester adds test results and then they are sick, absent etc , there may be a need for someone else to edit those results, add some comment etc. Or maybe simply change formatting so later results will fit into PDF nicely.

Is it possible to grant permissions, so edit option for test result will be available for other selected users? (like test lead role could edit results done by other testers).

Please do not tell me to add new test result, because then again we have to fight with all the formatting, inserting tables etc.


Hi Pawel,

Thanks for your posting. It’s currently not possible to edit other people results but making this more flexible is on our to-do list and it’s planned to look into this. The recommended behavior would indeed be to add a new result. How does a typical test look like in your case (without sharing specifics, of course)?



A few select statements showing how data was retrieved , (sometimes big statements).
A few tables showing the data , usually up to 6-7 columns but sometimes we have to show like 30. A few records in the tables.

Then some additional comments if needed, sometimes screenshots.


Thanks, Pawel. I understand that a way to make it easier to modify and/or resume results would be great to have in this case, thanks for the additional details.



Im kinda in the need of this as i have to select what of the bugs reported that should be pushed to our issuetracker. Is there a plan to implement it?


Hi Tobias,

Our test engineers have indicated that the inability to edit another users test results is a show stopper issue.

This feature is a must have for some of our larger test teams.

Could you provide some feedback on this feature i.e., is it on your list and do you have a time frame?



I vote for this capability too!
As a Test Lead I constantly am tweaking things - usually small in nature - to make a test result more “complete”. Adding clarifying comments also - especially when it relates to something an ISO audit would be concerned about. I can not take the time to run the test to accomplish my objective - it is not a realistic work-around.


And another vote over here! We have a small team, but all the more reason to be able to tweak stuff in other people’s cases after we talk them over offline…


Thanks all - your votes have been added. We’re aiming to have this functionality in our upcoming TestRail 6.0 release.