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Edit comments on Test Cases



I’m currently evaluating your TestRail for my team.

Part of our process requires to have test cases reviewed and approved.
For this I was able to create a custom “status” field in test cases which can contain the following list “Draft, In review, Approved”

But It is also important to trace that the review happened and to read the outcome of it. Normally I would expect to do this by adding a comment at edit time, but I could not find a decent way to let people comment on a test case edition. This should only show in the test history.

What could you advise, is this something you can add in the near future?

PS: I would also wish to restrict the change of some fields by role type (e.g. only Reviewer can change status field to Approved) but this is a different thing that we can live without for now.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Bill,

Thanks for your feedback. I understand that having a built-in approval status would be useful to have and we do have this on our feature request list for a future TestRail update already. We do recommend using a custom field for the case status as you already mentioned. You could additionally add a comment field to the case. You could then use an UI Script to automatically clear this field when a test case is edited. This way TestRail would show the edited comment on the test case history page, as it shows all changed fields. While this might not be ideal, it could work in the meantime and I’m happy to provide more details regarding the UI Script. You can also learn more about TestRail’s UI Script feature on our website here:




Has this approval feature made it into the latest TestRail version?



Hi Steve!

There aren’t any changes in the test case workflow in the upcoming TestRail 5.0 release, but we still plan to review this. In the meantime you can also use the above custom field solution though and this works well for many teams.