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Edit case in 3 Pane view


Was playing with 5.2 and showing the 3 pane view to my co-workers and one of them asked if the test case itself could be edited in the 3 pane view. I know it can’t be done when the user is in the Test Runs & Results tab since you go back to the original case to edit it but what about when the user is in the Test Suites & Cases tab?


Hello Brian,

Thanks for your posting. The three-pane view is currently only for viewing test cases (and adding results/comments etc. on the run pages) but it’s already planned to review an edit mode as well (e.g. to change individual fields or to edit the whole case, similar to the regular case form). We are happy to add an additional vote to this feature request, thanks for your feedback!



Thanks - appreciate the response. :slight_smile:


You are welcome, Brian :slight_smile:



This gets a +1 from me. I was coming here to ask for the same thing.


Thanks for your feedback, @ghurd, happy to add another vote :slight_smile:



Another vote from me! jumping back and forth while creating and editing test cases is a real pain. three pane view seems to me to be a great solution for navigating quickly and easily through test case management and creation.

Is there any sort of eta for this feature?


Hi @carigon,

Thanks for your feedback, happy to add another vote :slight_smile: We can recommend opening cases for edit in a separate browser tab and keeping the case repository with the three-pane view and current state/position on your main tab. TestRail already puts a lot of effort into restoring the previous state/position when you change pages but it’s also a good workflow to open cases in separate tabs to edit them and this might work better for you.

We currently don’t have an ETA for this feature unfortunately but prioritize features based on customer feedback.

Thanks again!